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23 april, friday / 23 апреля, пятница.

17:00 h.: Anointing of the sick / СОБОРОВАНИЕ,

25 april, sunday / 25 апреля, воскресенье

Palm Sunday; Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem

Вербное Воскресенье. ВХОД ГОСПОДЕНЬ В ИЕРУСАЛИМ. /.

09:30 h.- Часы и Литургия святителя Иоанна Златоуста,

/ Holy Liturgy of St. Joh. Chrysostomos.

28 april – Great and Holy Wednesday / ВЕЛИКАЯ СРЕДА

18:00 h. –  Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts.

Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров,

29 april – Great and Holy Thursday / четверг.

18:00 h.: Reading of Twelve Gospels

Чтение 12-ти евангельских зачал

30 апреля – Great and Holy Friday  / пятница

18:00, Burial of Christ.

Вынос плащаницы и чин Погребения Спасителя,

2 мая, воскресенье / 2 mai, sunday


09:30 –  Holy Liturgy / Литургия,

Blessing of Easter cakes. The blessing of the Easter cakes will take place on May 2 after the Easter Liturgy at 12:00. Until that time, the doors of the church during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy will be closed so that the number of worshipers in the church does not exceed the maximum permissible in accordance with the safety requirements during epidemy. Participation in the Easter Divine Service itself is possible by prior appointment, for which you need to send a message to